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  • Century-old sunken freighter found 800 feet deep in Lake Superior

    Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Canada The Huronton was travelling in heavy fog and smoke from forest fires when it collided with another vessel on October 11, 1923 Published Oct 18, 2023  •  Last updated 5 minutes ago  •  3 minute read The freighter Huronton was built in 1898 in Ohio but was owned by a…

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  • Video: NASA's first laser-sent message from deep space is (of course) a cat video

    Article content That’s one small leap for a cat, one giant pounce for feline-kind. This week, NASA announced a new record in space, as it used a laser communication system (rather than old-fashioned radio waves) to transmit a high-definition, 15-second video across more than 31 million kilometres of deep space, or more than 80 times…

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