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  • Canadian doctors join ambulance crews in Israel to fill wartime gaps: 'I couldn't stay home'

    Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Israel & Middle East ‘Our staff members did transport injured terrorists. We’ll treat them. We don’t differentiate between anyone who’s injured and needs medical attention’ Get the latest from Adrian Humphreys straight to your inbox Sign Up Published Oct 24, 2023  •  Last updated 2 hours ago  •  4 minute read…

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  • Ottawa man departs Canada to join IDF fight against Hamas terrorists

    Breadcrumb Trail Links News Canadian Politics Canada ‘We understand that the only way for us to achieve the peace that we desire with all of our hearts, is to be strong’ Published Oct 17, 2023  •  4 minute read Ottawa resident Nir Koren, a lawyer who works for a city charity, has volunteered to fight…

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  • Letter: Join #GirlsToo with 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

    Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Letters Published Nov 26, 2021  •  Last updated Nov 26, 2021  •  4 minute read Article content Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta is committed to preventing gender-based violence and advocating for gender equality because we know that all girls can experience violence and inequality. Advertisement 2 This advertisement has not loaded…

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