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  • AI powered robot sets a world record after beating humans in a classic marble maze game

    Article content We’ve become almost complacent with the idea of computer systems learning how to beat the best human players at games of intellect such as chess, poker and Go. Now researchers at ETH Zurich, a university in Switzerland, have devised an AI that can beat the best humans at the old roll-the-marble-through-the-maze game. Its…

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  • Montreal woman breaks record for deepest underwater model photoshoot

    Article content A Montreal woman has become the newest record-holder for the deepest underwater model photoshoot. The achievement was certified this week by Guinness World Records Limited. Kim Bruneau, along with photographer Pia Oyarzun, broke the record on Dec. 5 when they were in Nassau, Bahamas and descended to a depth of 40.2 metres underwater.…

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