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  • Australian spy chief says he has 'no reason to dispute' Canada's claim India linked to Sikh Canadian's murder

    Breadcrumb Trail Links News Canadian Politics Canada Officials have confirmed that shared Five Eyes intelligence informed Trudeau’s statement that there were ‘credible allegations’ linking India’s government to Nijjar’s murder Published Oct 20, 2023  •  3 minute read Mike Burgess, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation director general: “It’s a serious allegation, and something that we don’t do…

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  • U.S. thwarted plot to kill Sikh separatist on American soil

    Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Canada The target of the plot was Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, an American and Canadian citizen who is general counsel for Sikhs for Justice Author of the article: Published Nov 22, 2023  •  Last updated 43 minutes ago  •  4 minute read FILE: The U.S. Justice Department is debating whether to unseal…

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