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  • Italian mother wins court case to evict her two sons aged 40 and 42

    Article content A 75-year-old mother in northern Italy won a court order to have her sons, aged 40 and 42, evicted from her house after they refused to leave the comfort of their homes. The retiree from Pavia described her two sons as “parasites” in court documents for living in the apartment without financially contributing…

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  • 'Sleepless nights': Canadian's sons called up to fight for Israel on two fronts

    Breadcrumb Trail Links News Canada Published Oct 17, 2023  •  Last updated 9 hours ago  •  3 minute read Ex-Calgarian Adam Snukal’s two older sons, Samuel and Ezra, have been called up to fight in a war sparked by Hamas’ attacks on Israel. From L: son Jacob, Adam, son Rafi, Samuel, wife Esti, daugher-in law Rachel,…

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