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  • Panera faces lawsuit after student who drank caffeinated 'Charged Lemonade' dies

    Article content A 21-year-old Ivy League student with a heart condition died after consuming Panera’s caffeinated “Charged Lemonade,” according to a wrongful death lawsuit filed by her parents. In September 2022, Sarah Katz, a University of Pennsylvania student, suffered a cardiac arrest while dining with her friends after drinking the restaurant’s caffeinated beverage containing more…

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  • Bell-ringing ceremony for Walter & Gladys Hill Public School student

    Breadcrumb Trail Links Opinion Column Published Oct 27, 2021  •  Last updated Oct 27, 2021  •  3 minute read Katelyn with her parents. Photo by Dawn Booth/FMPSD Article content You could see the joy in her eyes, and on her face despite the mask—Katelyn Slater rang her cancer bell with enthusiasm—as she ended 829 days…

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