‘Buying groceries is terrible’: Canadian TikToker decries everything from self-checkout to no plastic bags

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A Canadian actor and comedian has struck a nerve with a TikTok video decrying his “terrible” experience with grocery shopping.

The video, which has over 800,000 views online, shows Mark Edwards (@someguymark ) sitting in his car outside of a Food Basics in Toronto.

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‌”The entire process of buying groceries is now terrible. Not just the fact that we have to pay insane prices but the actual experience of going to a grocery store is just awful,” Edwards says in the video.

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‌Edwards talks about various issues with the shopping experience, such as grocery carts with coin deposits, the quality of produce, self-checkout, no plastic bags and long lines.

‌The comment section of the video has over 5,000 replies, with many agreeing and sharing anecdotes of their own.

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‌“Isn’t it crazy how these companies have trained us to accept so little in customer service, lack of quality of product,” said one comment. “It is really sad.”

‌A CBC report this year reported on customer disappointment in the lack of cashiers and clerks at certain stores since the shift to self-checkout.

‌“This is not the way it should be,” Edwards says in the video.

‌Another comment spoke to the rise in retail theft as a result of self-checkout machines: “They’d rather pay employees to stand watch for stealing, rather than ring us through. Make it make sense!”

‌Edwards ended the video by pointing out that despite a recent ban on plastic bags at grocery stores, his milk still comes in plastic, as well as the bags provided in-store for produce.

‌”I think everything I bought came in plastic,” he says.

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Originally posted 2023-10-25 16:36:33.