'I felt very, very unsafe': Top Conservative says senators, MPs 'under attack' by pro-Palestinian protesters in Ottawa

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Pro-Palestinian protesters harassed and attacked MPs and senators as they gathered for a meeting near Parliament Hill this week, the Conservative Party leader in the Senate says.

Senator Don Plett says he was stopped and harassed by “probably 30 or 40” protesters as he drove into a building for the meeting. They blocked traffic and insisted drivers take pamphlets, and targeted him as he attempted to drive around them.

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“They actually jumped on to my car. They were banging on my windows, they were laying on the hood of my car and they were trying to prevent me from moving,” Plett told a meeting of the standing committee on internal economy, budgets and administration. “I’m sure I’m on many pictures now on the Gaza Strip or wherever.”

As first reported by Blacklock’s Reporter, Plett raised it at committee as a safety issue for parliamentarians, saying security has declined during his 13 years on the Hill.

“There was no security around to help and I felt very, very unsafe.

“I then went into my Manitoba meeting and (Winnipeg Conservative MP) Marty Morantz, who is of Jewish descent, had been walking there and of course he felt more unsafe than I had and later we heard at our meetings that there were probably a dozen members of the House that had also been under attack.”

“And when they had asked PPS (Parliamentary Protective Service) over at the House why they weren’t being given any help the answer was, we don’t have enough staff. They seemed to have enough staff to stop all the hot tub parties and barbecues when we had some friendly protesters here and now they don’t have enough staff when many of us feel very unsafe.”

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