'I will rape you. I will kill you, dirty Jew': Man with knife threatens nursery director

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A man remains at large after storming into a Paris nursery and threatening its Jewish director with a six-inch knife and antisemitic death threats.

The attacker used an unlocked door on Dec. 12 to enter Les Minis Kids nursery, per Le Figaro. The school, in the Créteil suburb of southeastern Paris, is home to a large Jewish community.

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“I will rape you, filthy Zionist. I will kill you, dirty Jew, dirty Zionist. I will come back with others and treat you like in Gaza,” the man reportedly said.

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Nine children were present at the school but were moved to a secure room and didn’t come in contact with the assailant, per reports.

The local prosecutor reportedly plans to bring charges that include “death threats materialized due to race, ethnicity, nationality or religion.”

“Threatening a woman in a nursery with a knife. This is where antisemitism leads,” wrote Yonathan Arfi, president of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) on social media in French.

He added that Hamas supporters in France “no longer hide their support for terrorism.”

From Oct. 7 until Nov. 14, France recorded more than 1,500 antisemitic incidents, per the country’s Interior Ministry. On Dec. 13, a 12-year-old French girl threatened her teacher with a knife. According to some reports, she made comments about a prior Islamist attack.

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