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  • Fogo Island Inn founder Zita Cobb is coming to save your town too

    Breadcrumb Trail Links News Canada Can something actually be done to shore up the economic resilience of other communities across Canada that are facing sudden and harsh economic disruption? Published Oct 29, 2023  •  Last updated 19 minutes ago  •  6 minute read Newfoundland’s Fogo Island Inn is owned by a non-profit, called Shorefast, for the…

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  • AI is coming after the tech bros and their easy money

    Breadcrumb Trail Links Canada Commanding salaries upwards of $260K, senior software engineers may find it tough to compete with more productive, and lower-paid, programmers Published Oct 23, 2023  •  Last updated 9 minutes ago  •  8 minute read Photos of logos of the artificial intelligence OpenAI research laboratory and ChatGPT robot. Photo by Photo by MARCO…

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  • Ottawa rushes to condemn 'attack' on Gaza hospital despite the initial claims coming from Hamas

    Breadcrumb Trail Links World News Canada At the time of Trudeau’s statement, the only details of the explosion had been released by the Hamas-run Gaza ministry of health, and before any Israeli response Published Oct 18, 2023  •  5 minute read Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to reporters about an explosion at a Gaza hospital…

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