Tourist orders 'pomegranate,' app translates it to 'grenade' prompting bomb threat

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An Azerbaijani tourist accidentally summoned Portuguese police after a translation application he used confused the word “pomegranate” with “grenade.”

The 36-year-old Russian speaker with Israeli citizenship wrote a note to order a drink, but the app gave him the wrong translation. The restaurant’s waiter read the note thinking the man was making a bomb threat about having a grenade, and called authorities.

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The confusion may have been caused due to the similarities between the Russian words for pomegranate (granat) and grenade (granata), which may not have translated correctly in the application.

He was handcuffed outside the restaurant and was ordered to lie face down on the ground as officers approached him. The tourist was taken to the police station for interrogation, but was later released after they discovered he was not in possession of any weapons.

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The restaurant was also inspected by officers who liaised with Portugal’s anti-terrorism units.

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