Trudeau again calls for humanitarian pause in Gaza: 'Canadians are hurting'

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OTTAWA – With just over a month since Hamas’s deadly rampage in Gaza Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated calls for a humanitarian pause in the war to allow civilians out, aid in and for hostages to be released.

Trudeau spoke to reporters Wednesday morning ahead of the Liberals’ weekly caucus meeting and said too many people have died in the Gaza Strip since the deadly attack and there is a need to get back on track to creating real peace.

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“Every day since then we’ve seen violence and horrific images of families, elderly, mothers, and children killed. We’re watching it on TV every night, seeing it all over social media and Canadians are hurting and crying out that it needs to stop,” he said.

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Hamas terrorists launched an assault on communities in Southern Israel on Oct. 7, storming into homes and killing and abducting civilians in a rampage that left 1,400 people dead. More than 200 people were abducted and taken back into Gaza only a few of whom have been released since.

Israel has launched a massive military effort that has included aerial bombardment and a ground invasion of Gaza in what officials have called an effort to eradicate Hamas completely. The terrorist group has an extensive network of tunnels inside Gaza and is the recognized government of the territory. It has continued launching rockets into Israel since Oct. 7.

Trudeau said a humanitarian pause would allow civilians in Gaza to receive aid and get out of contested areas and for the hostages to be released. He said it’s a vital first step toward a more lasting peace agreement.

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“It’s where we actually start doing the work of the real heavy lifting that’s going to be required to get back on track to a two-state solution, to start imagining what the long-term future of a viable Palestinian state looks like; safe, secure, beside a safe, secure, viable and successful Israeli state.”

The prime minister also talked about rising incidents of antisemitism and Islamophobia in Canada.

“We’re seeing, right now, a rise in antisemitism. That is terrifying. Molotov cocktails thrown at synagogues, horrific threats of violence targeting Jewish businesses, targeting Jewish daycares with hate. This needs to stop, this is not who we are as Canadians.”

He said Canada has a proud record of diversity and should be able to find a

“If Canada can’t figure this out, tell me what corner of the world is going to figure this out,” he said. “This is a moment where a country like Canada, which has been deeply proud of the fact that we get along here in diversity better than just about any other place in the world, this is a time where we need to lead.”

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