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  • Comedian Dave Chappelle under fire for anti-Israel set

    Article content Under criticism for anti-Israel statements during a set in Boston’s TD Garden last Thursday, U.S. comedian Dave Chappelle is denying he was even in the city that night. According to The Wall Street Journal, some fans walked out, and there were reportedly “Free Palestine” and “What about Hamas” chants during the performance. Article…

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  • Anesthesiologist at Toronto's SickKids hospital investigated for anti-Israel comments

    Article content Anti-Israel comments posted online by a SickKids anesthesiologist, who is also a University of Toronto teacher, are under investigation by the hospital. “We consider Israel to be absolute evil. There is nothing worse than Israel. If Israel and the devil fight each other, we will stand with the devil,” reads Christian Zaarour’s Instagram…

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  • 'Your land is in Europe!' How anti-Israel crowds at Concordia University turned violent

    Breadcrumb Trail Links NP Comment News Canada A table at Concordia with pictures of Israeli hostages provoked a crush of anti-Israel protesters making threats and ultimately resorting to violence Published Nov 09, 2023  •  4 minute read A screenshot from video of the anti-Israel protests at Concordia University that turned violent. Photo by Twitter Article…

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